ADA Penac P (ADA) (Water Plant Conditioning)

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ADA Penac P (ADA) (Water Plant Conditioning)

Brand: ADA
Product: Penac P
Article Code: 150-005
Capacity: 200g

Penac P improves resisting power plant naturally have, and promote their healthy growth. It could be used for horticulture or agriculture purposes.

PENAC P for Plants is product specially designed for plant growing purpose by Roland Plocher Engergiesystem, Germany. Penac P wave effect increases plant resistance against stress and helps plants grow well. It also promotes the root growth, and activates the plant growth. Germination rate also improves when Penac P is applied for plant seed. it also improves the substrate, and has no side effect on surrounding environment. Penac P for plants is effective against plants in all the environment, such as forest, garden, or potted plants.


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  • ADA Penac P (ADA) (Water Plant Conditioning)

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