API Bio-Chem Zorb (API) (Water Conditioning)

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API Bio-Chem Zorb (API) (Water Conditioning)

Brand: API
Product: Bio-Chem Zorb
Removes organic aquarium pollutants, including colors, odors, heavy metals and toxic gases as well as other compounds that carbon alone cannot remove
Size 6

Organic materials accumulate in an aquarium and break down over time, which degrades water quality and leads to poor fish health. The key to limiting cyanobacterial growth is to remove excessive organic matter before it is broken down. Organics are released into the aquarium by fish, invertebrates, plates, algae, and uneaten fish food. Bacterial decomposition of dead plants, aquatic animals, and aquarium foods also increase the level of organic pollutants. Aquarium water is only changed periodically, and between water changes pollution may increase to harmful levels. These pollutants are toxic to fish and invertebrates.

Accumulation of organic pollutants in an aquarium creates a stressful environment. Excess organic pollutants increase Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), resulting in reduced water quality. Poor water quality ultimately causes the suppression of an animal's immune system leading to disease outbreaks in the aquarium. Organic build-up also limits light penetration into the aquarium, primarily reducing the transmittance of blue light-energy (actinic type-420nm).

Suitable for freshwater, marine and coral aquariums.


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  • API Bio-Chem Zorb (API) (Water Conditioning)

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