Azoo Betta Guard 60ml (Azoo) (Aquarium Treatment)

$13.99 USD

Azoo Betta Guard 60ml (Azoo) (Aquarium Treatment)

Brand: Azoo
Product: Betta Guard
With almond leaf extract. Immunity boost.
Made in Taiwan

Content: 60ml


  • With almond leaf extract, effectively boost fish immunity, breeding and the natural fish color, creating the most natural and ideal environment for betta. 
  • Provides vitamin B complex, promoting metabolism and immunity.
  • Instantly removes ammonia, chloramines, residual chlorine in the water.
  • Removes oily membrane on the water surface, prohibits the algae growth.
  • Replenishes consumed carbonated hardness in water to stabilize pH value.
  • For freshwater aquariums

Note: Close the bottle cap tightly after using. Store it in cool place and avoid direct sunlight. 


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  • Azoo Betta Guard 60ml (Azoo) (Aquarium Treatment)

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