Azoo BioPro Crystal Red Shrimp Bacteria Powder 100g (Azoo) (CRS Products)

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Azoo BioPro Crystal Red Shrimp Bacteria Powder 100g (Azoo) (CRS Products)

Brand: Azoo
Product: BioPro Crystal Red Shrimp
For freshwater CRS or shrimp aquariums

Content: 100g


  • Made from condensed long-lasting dormant bacteria powder under dry and low temperature circumstances, with highest proportion of bacteria, can be re-activated after 8 hours reaction with water.
  • Specially designed according to crystal red shrimps’needs, composed of compound probiotics with several species of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, with highest proportion and activity, 10 billion active bacteria per gram.
  • Helps create beneficial bacteria in shrimps intestines instantly, for better digestion and nutrients absorption, promoting shrimps’ vitality and health.
  • Rapidly decomposes toxic substances such as ammonia and nitrite. Eliminates cloudy water, bad smell, protein, oil and foam on the water surface.
  • Works to decompose leftover and mass pollutant in the substrate to improve aquarium.
  • Effectively raise the buffer capacity for the aquarium, lowering the impacts during large volume water changes or caused by living creatures death in the aquarium.
  • With unique “Biocontrol-Biological Control” technology, the special compound probiotics helps effectively inhibit pathogens growth, ensures shrimps’health.
  • Helps stabilize the aquarium environment with suitable algae, prominently promotes shrimps breeding and survival rates.
  • Contains special growth medium. Helps bacteria multiply rapidly and absorb the pollutants in the water.

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  • Azoo BioPro Crystal Red Shrimp Bacteria Powder 100g (Azoo) (CRS Products)

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