Azoo Shrimp Mineral Plus (Azoo) (CRS Products)

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Azoo Shrimp Mineral Plus (Azoo) (CRS Products)

Brand: Azoo
Product: Mineral Plus
Supplements for crystal red shrimps and small ornamental shrimps

Content: 120ml


  • Supplement essential minerals that are inefficient in food to avoid nutritional diseases.
  • Supplement essential minerals for shrimps’ laying eggs process. Helps raising the breeding rate.
  • Made of water soluble composition, can be absorbed directly from shrimp’s gill, fast and effective.
  • Promote shrimps’ capacity against stress while shedding, raise the survival rate.
Directions for use:
  • Regular use: add 10ml per 100 liters of water every 3-5 days.
  • Shake well before use and add in the filter outlet.
  • Close the bottle cap tightly after using. Store it in cool place and avoid sunlight. 
  • One full cap is equal to 20ml. Inner cap is equal to 5ml.

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  • Azoo Shrimp Mineral Plus (Azoo) (CRS Products)

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