Brightwell Aquatics Zooplanktos-S 50-300µm Zooplankton Suspension 250ml (Other Brands) (Marine Supplement)

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Brightwell Aquatics Zooplanktos-S 50-300µm Zooplankton Suspension 250ml (Other Brands) (Marine Supplement)

Brand: Brightwell Aquatics
Product: Zooplanktos-S
50-300µm Zooplankton Suspension for Fishes, Stony Corals, Clams, and Other Filter-Feeders

Content: 250ml (8.45fl oz)

  • Provides zooplankton and fully-digestible, unhatched eggs ranging in size from 50 - 300µm. Ideally-sized for many stony corals, clams, sponges, tunicates, tube worms, larval crustaceans, juvenile fishes, and adult planktivorous and microinvertebrate-predatory fishes.
  • Formulated to provide over four-thousand prey per ml.
  • Supplemented with a proprietary amino acid to aid incoloration of invertebrates and fishes.
  • Formulated by a marine scientist.

Technical Background

Brightwell Aquatics Zooplanktōs-S is a concentrated suspension of phytoplankton-enriched, adult Brachionus sp. (rotifers), their eggs, and the eggs of another group of crustaceans; the result is a food source rich in amino acids, fatty acids including omega-3 HUFAs, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoid pigments giving them a natural, bright yellow appearance. These prey items fall within the microplankton (20.0 - 200.0µm) and mesoplankton (200.0 - 2,000.0µm) classes of plankton. They are the proper size for feeding many species of stony corals (particularly those with short tentacles), as well as clams and other bivalves, sponges, tunicates (sea squirts), plumed worms (Christmas tree worms, feather dusters, etc.), larval crustaceans and bivalves, juvenile fishes, and the adults of planktivorous fishes (such as anthias, basslets, psuedochromids, dartfishes, chromis, etc.) and microinvertebrate-predators (such as mandarinfishes, some gobies, dwarf wrasses, etc.).

Though Zooplanktōs-S provides a number of amino acids, one that is not naturally present has been added; this proprietary amino acid has been shown in studies to increase coloration of corals and other marine invertebrates. Additionally, a small percentage of vitamin-C is present to increase the benefits of Zooplanktōs-S, particularly to corals and their allies that have recently undergone fragmenting or propagation.

Zooplanktōs-S may be used in conjunction with other planktonic suspensions to provide a complete range of sizes to filter-feeding and planktivorous organisms.

Zooplanktōs-S does not require refrigeration, however storage in a cool, shaded area will prolong the activity of the vitamins. Refrigeration will maximize the shelf-life of the product.

Suitable for marine/saltwater aquariums.


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  • Brightwell Aquatics Zooplanktos-S 50-300µm Zooplankton Suspension 250ml (Other Brands) (Marine Supplement)

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