Brine Shrimp Incubator Hatchery (Other Brands) (Feeding Tools)

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Brine Shrimp Incubator Hatchery (Other Brands) (Feeding Tools)

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Product: Brine Shrimp Incubator Hatchery
Size: Diameter 7.5cm x (H)28cm
includes one way valve, check valve, air tube, a small piece of net (to collect brine shrimp)

The convenient Brine Shrimp incubator is the easiest way to hatch brine shrimp for feeding to your fry. Its simple easy and hassle free. This incubator was designed to hatch the brine shrimp for feeding to fry and other aquatic animals it was not designed to raise the brine shrimp to full size!

  • O2 is necessary to hatch brine shrimp. Air pump operated (not included)
  • Brine shrimp is the best food for fish fry, which is in protein
  1. Connect air pump, one way valve and air regulator value to hatchery.
  2. Fill hatchery to about 90% (or to fill line) with aquarium or clean water.
  3. Add +_ 10 grams course or hatching salt.
  4. Add 3 - 5 grams brine shrimp eggs.
  5. Allow 24 – 48 hours for brine shrimp to hatch. Hatching time depends on temperature and egg quality. Brine shrimp eggs hatch best at 24 – 29 degrees Celsius.

Collecting the Brine Shrimp is best done by turning off the air and allowing the water to settle. Once the water settles the shrimp sink and the empty shells float. You then allow the live baby brine shrimp to flow out of the airline into a net and feed to the fry.

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  • Brine Shrimp Incubator Hatchery (Other Brands) (Feeding Tools)

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