Disgaea 3 - Absence Of Detention (PS Vita)

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Disgaea 3 - Absence Of Detention (PS Vita)
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There are tons of game features in Disgaea 3 that allow players to do almost anything they want in battle. This wacky, yet innovative game style has been praised by hardcore gamers around the world, and is now set to join the HD handheld revolution with Absence of Detention, an expanded, enhanced special release for PlayStation Vita!

  • DLC included! - Almost every item of DLC offered for the PlayStation®3 version is packed into this game, which means you have extra story chapters, characters, and features from the start!
  • All new characters! - Two all new characters have been added, with their own original story chapters. Witness for yourself what this crazy, new adventure is all about!
  • Custom Item Graphics! - Customize your favorite weapon’s visuals by swapping it with another. If you power up your weapon, its stats can be carried over to another!
  • All New Skills! - Special character class specific skills has been added! Every customizable character now features their own unique skills!
  • New Magic Levels! - A new level of magic called “Tera” has been added! All of the Tera-level magic spells feature custom artwork from famous artists in Japan!
  • Location Service - Depending on how far you travel in real life, you may be able to gain extra bonuses in the game!
  • Online Record Shop! - You can now share your game play stats online through PSN! See who the best Disgaea player is and try to beat their scores!
  • Touch Controls! - You can now control the menu screens and operate some of the game features through the touchscreen and rear touch pad for more convenience.

Release Date  Apr 17, 2012
Genre  Strategy
Manufacturer NIS

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  • Disgaea 3 - Absence Of Detention (PS Vita)

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