Double Fattiness 雙肥臨門 (1988) (Region Free DVD) (English Subtitled) (Legendary Collection)

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Double Fattiness 雙肥臨門 (1988) (Region Free DVD) (English Subtitled) (Legendary Collection)

Region Coding: Region Free

Maggie Cheung 張曼玉
Bill Tung 董驃
Lydia Shum Dean Ha 沈澱霞
Eric Tsang 曾志偉
Dennis Chan
Paul Chun
James Wong
David (John) Chiang

Audio Tracks: 
Dolby Digital


Cantonese, Mandarin

English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Running Time: 
- minutes (TBA)

Joy Sales (HK)

Release Date:
08 April 2009

Lu Hsiao-feng (Lydia Sum), Wu Tse-shu (Bill Tung) and their son Wu Te-kao (Eric Tsang) are a happy family, operating a pizza shop. Tai Chi, an agent of a property company plans to buy up the whole block including their premises and to pull it down for redevelopment. However, his plans are beaten by Hsiao-feng everytime. One day, Hsiao-feng suddenly dies of a heart attack and is cremated. When she fails to cross the Broken Bridge in Hades due to heavy weight, she is ordered by the judge to return to the mundane world, using the body of Diana (Maggie Cheung) who is killed in a traffic accident. Diana is a cousin of Tai Chi. As Tai Chi is her admirer, she now takes the opportunity to make fun of him. Meanwhile, the reincarnated Hsiao-feng tries to get back to her husband Tse-shu, but he only misses his deceased fat wife. On the contrary, she wins the admiration of her own son. Tse-shu also mistakes Chu Hsia-hsiang (Lydia Sum) to be his reincarnated wife and woos her. The real Hsiao-feng tries to break their relationship. Tai Chi plots again to hurt Wu family. Will they tide over their crises?
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  • Double Fattiness 雙肥臨門 (1988) (Region Free DVD) (English Subtitled) (Legendary Collection)

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