Boyu EF-05 External Filter Canister (Other Brands) (Filters)

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Boyu EF-05 External Filter Canister (Other Brands) (Filters)

Brand: Boyu
Product: EF-05 External Filter Canister

The Boyu External Filter Canister is designed to be placed outside the aquarium. They are ideal for small or nano aquariums, and where a submersible filter would take up too much space. The filter provides the 3 stages of filtration: Biological, Chemical and Maechanical.

  • Pump Capacity: 150L/hr
  • Power Consumption: 5.5W
  • Product size: approx. 160 x 100 x 170mm 
  • contents as shown on photo


  • suitable for freshwater, planted, CRS shrimps, marine aquariums and terrarium.
  • idea for small or nano aquariums and save room inside the tank.
  • quiet operation.
  • reduce loss of CO2 to keep the health of plants. 
  • large room for filter media, which allows benificial bacterial growth.

tip 1: Do not wash filter media with tap water (chlorine kills benificial bacteria).
tip 2: Water outlet or spray bar above water level allows more oxygen O2 into the water.


    3-pin Hong Kong plug (identical to the UK plug) for use with electricity supply of 220/240v volts; i.e. if you live in USA, Canada, Japan or other countries using 110 volt supplies, please do not make the purchase. Usage is at your own risk.

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    • Boyu EF-05 External Filter Canister (Other Brands) (Filters)

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