Fast Fingers (1983) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled) (Shaw Brothers)

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Fast Fingers (1983) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled) (Shaw Brothers)
Region Coding: Region 3 (Locked)

Chin Siu Ho
Lo Meng
Tung Piao

Hsu Hsia

Audio Tracks: 



Cantonese, Mandarin

English, Traditional Chinese

Running Time: 
88 minutes

Intercontinental Video Ltd. (IVL) HK

Release Date:
5 Aug 2005

Hsu Hsia, a great kung-fu actor himself, both directs and leads a team of four martial arts choreographers for this deft-digited tale of kung-fu pickpockets (including handsome Chien Hsiao-hou) who dodge the top cop ("Venom" muscleman Lo Meng) but run afoul of a killer club owner (king of Shaw Brothers villains Wang Lung-wei). There's assassinations, assignations, and many battles which require both light-fingered larceny as well as two-fisted (and feet) fighting. The result is a fondly remembered, exceptional cult favorite.

*Digitally restored and remastered 
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  • Fast Fingers (1983) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled) (Shaw Brothers)

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