Heroes In Love (2001) (Region Free DVD) (English Subtitled)

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Heroes In Love (2001) (Region Free DVD) (English Subtitled)

Region Coding: Region Free

Jan Lamb
Nicholas Tse
Lawrence Chou 
Stephen Fung
Gloria Cheng
Natalie Tang
Wu Bo
Twins (Charlene Choi & Gillian Chung)
Little Hard
Gordon Chan
Patrick Kong

Audio Tracks: 
Dolby Digital Surround 5.1


Cantonese, Mandarin

English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Running Time: 
85 minutes

Universe Laser

Release Date:
24 July 2001

Oh G!
Director: GC Goo-Bi (Vincci Cheuk Wan Chi)
A boy and a girl meet through an ICQ chat room. Young and innocent, they search for the real romance that they have never experienced in their lives. This touching tale of first love is played out against the backdrop of the neon-world of urban malls and 24-hour convenience stores inhabited by modern Hong Kong youngsters.

My Beloved

Director: Nicholas Tse/ Stephen Fung
Robin, a loner and a social misfit, is only obsessed with guns. He has no place in his life for a girlfriend, focusing all his attention on his beloved Baretta handgun, which he caresses like a woman. One night, to his surprise, his gun starts to talk to him, in a soft, feminine voice, demanding the proof of his love. Inspired to demonstrate his devotion, he sets out for a potentially deadly mission......

Director: Wing Shya
As a tomboy, Joe's unrequited love for an anonymous girl dare not speak her name, and she can only watch with longing as the object of her affection passes by each day. In a desperate bid for intimate communication, Joe kidnaps the unnamed girl, and holds her prisoner in a cramped back-street apartment. Slowly, a relationship develops between them......

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  • Heroes In Love (2001) (Region Free DVD) (English Subtitled)

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