Immortal Story (1986) (Region Free DVD) (English Subtitled) (Legendary Collection)

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Immortal Story (1986) (Region Free DVD) (English Subtitled) (Legendary Collection)
Region Coding: Region Free

Sylvia Chang
Yao Wei

Yon Fan

Audio Tracks: 
Dolby Digital 2.0


Cantonese, Mandarin

English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Running Time: 
93 minutes

Joy Sales (HK)

Release Date:
9 Jan 2009


There is a homicide case in Macau. Only Mei Ling and the victim Chung Chuen are found at the crime scene. Mei Ling is the only suspect. Actually Mei Ling met Chung Chuen and fell in love at first sight 10 years ago. Later, Chung Chuen left the country due to contradiction in their characters. She did not write to him although he left his forwarding address. She met a girl named Pak Lan and Mei Ling let her make every decision for her. They lived from day-to-day in a fallen way. Ten years later, Chung Chuen came back for Mei Ling. He thought they could make it up again, and share their lives. However, it turned against their wishes...

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  • Immortal Story (1986) (Region Free DVD) (English Subtitled) (Legendary Collection)

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