Midway Arcade Origins (PlayStation 3)

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Midway Arcade Origins (PlayStation 3)

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Midway Arcade Origins, a compilation of over 30 classic titles, has been announced for PS3 by Warner. Containing such old school classics as Gauntlet, Rampage, Joust, Spy Hunter, Defender, and Marble Madness, the collection has been updated with Achievement and trophy support as well as added local, co-op multiplayer and leaderboards for a select number of titles.

Games: 720; A.P.B.; Arch Rivals; Bubbles; Championship Sprint; Defender; Defender II; Gauntlet; Gauntlet II; Joust; Joust 2; Marble Madness; Pit-Fighter; Rampage; Rampart; Robotron 2084; Root Beer Tapper; Satan's Hollow; Sinistar; Smash TV; Spy Hunter; Spy Hunter II; Super Off Road; Super Sprint; Toobin'; Total Carnage; Tournament Cyberball 2072; Vindicators Part II; Wizard of Wor; Xenophobe; Xybots

Release Date  Nov 9, 2012
Genre  Arcade
Manufacturer Warner Bros Games
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  • Midway Arcade Origins (PlayStation 3)

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