No Man's Sky (PlayStation 4) Region Free (PS4 English Version)

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No Man's Sky (PlayStation 4) Region Free (PS4 English Version)

No Region Protection. Region Free.

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An epic science fiction adventure set across an infinite universe. Explore never before visited worlds, discover unique lifeforms and trade, fight and survive on a galactic scale.

With over 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (18 quintillion) possible planets, No Man’s Sky's procedurally generated galaxy gives players an unparalleled opportunity to explore worlds that no one has ever visited before. Exploration is entirely seamless, with no loading screens, whether you're flying from space to a planet's surface or even warping between solar systems.

Everyone starts No Man’s Sky on the outer rim of the same unexplored galaxy. As you progress, you will come across countless undiscovered solar systems, planets, lifeforms and much more. You can choose to share your discoveries with other players, naming them and adding them to the Galactic Map, forever associated with your PSN ID. You may also share the amazing sights you encounter using the PlayStation 4 system’s share functions.

The galaxy is a living, breathing place, with trade convoys travelling between stars, pirates, police and military ships ever ready for action, and planets teeming with life. The same galaxy is also shared by every player of No Man's Sky. Perhaps you will see the results of their actions, as well as your own?

Release Date  August 9, 2016
Genre  Action
Manufacturer Sony Computer Enetertainment

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  • No Man's Sky (PlayStation 4) Region Free (PS4 English Version)

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