Ride To Hell - Retribution (PlayStation 3)

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Ride To Hell - Retribution (PlayStation 3)

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Following an intense tour of duty, Jake Conway returns home from Vietnam to find his brother brutally murdered by a notorious biker gang known as the "Devil's Hand". Obsessed with getting payback, Jake begins his journey hell bent on destruction, intent to catch his brother's killers between the crosshairs of reckoning and vengeance. Set within the 60's legendary era of anarchy, Ride to Hell Retribution is a gritty and raw action adventure that encourages players to open up the throttle and rule the highways as they ride a warpath to revenge.

  • High-Speed Motorcycles that do stunts, as well as compete in races and fights
  • Brutal 3rd Person Brawler Combat with rage attacks and environmental kills
  • Full Motorcycle Customization
  • Colorful Cast of Outlaw Characters with a 60s Reminiscent Soundtrack
  • Over the top Comic-Style Experience; Unlockables and Collectables; Interconnectivity in the RTH Universe
Release Date  June 25, 2013
Language  English
Genre  Action
Manufacturer Deep Silver


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  • Ride To Hell - Retribution (PlayStation 3)

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