Ryu ga Gotoku 1 & 2 HD Edition (PlayStation 3) (Japanese Game)

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Ryu ga Gotoku 1 & 2 HD Edition (PlayStation 3) (Japanese Game)
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Condition: Brand new and factory sealed.
Language: Japanese only (no English subtitles).

The first two Ryu ga Gotoku games are being collected into an HD Collection, revisit the dark and flammable Kamuro-cho. This crime hot spot is about to be light up on fire again.

The new features include clearer graphics. The jagged lines around the characters smoothed and you can see the words on the street signs at the farthest end of the street. The gameplay becomes smoother with shorter loading times. The telephone boxes act as save points and an area for players to dump excess items.

Also be sure to go eating and drinking to replenish Kiryuu's HP. When you taste everything in a restaurant's menu, the owner will give you a prize. In the PlayStation2 version, the player has to keep track of everything they have tried, in this new collection, the game does the remembering for the gamer, so Kiryuu can try something new every time.

Release Date  Nov 01, 2012
Genre  Action Adventure
Manufacturer Sega
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  • Ryu ga Gotoku 1 & 2 HD Edition (PlayStation 3) (Japanese Game)

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