Sera Ectopur 130g (Sera) (Aquarium Treatment)

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Sera Ectopur 130g (Sera) (Aquarium Treatment)

Brand: Sera
Product: Ectopur
Water care during the treatment of ectoparasites and fungi

content: 130g

Sera ectopur is a salt preparation that can reasonably enhance various medical treatments (in particular, for instance, velvet disease, infections by fungi, injuries, infections by ectoparasites – single celled organisms, flukes, fish leeches, parasitic crustaceans). The agent releases disinfecting oxygen, which makes it easier for the ill fish to breath. Furthermore, it increases the salinity and thus stimulates mucous membrane formation. Recovery is supported this way. The salt tolerance of the fish species in question should always be checked first before using high salt concentrations (e.g. in a short bath).

Suitable use for freshwater aquariums and ponds


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  • Sera Ectopur 130g (Sera) (Aquarium Treatment)

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