Sera Filter Biostart 50ml (Sera) (Water Conditioning)

$14.99 USD

Sera Filter Biostart 50ml (Sera) (Water Conditioning)

Brand: Sera
Product: Filter Biostart

Bacteria and enzymes are waiting in the wings

Fish waste, uneaten food and dead plants quickly form a sludge layer on the bottom of the aquarium. The balanced blend of purification bacteria and biologically active enzymes in sera filter biostart breaks down sludge and thus starts the further breakdown of pollutants in the filter. sera filter biostart is the ideal partner for sera bio nitrivec, which takes up its work just after sera filter biostart. Together, both products ensure clear and healthy aquarium water. Being a high performance filter material, sera siporax Professional creates ideal conditions for sera filter biostart and sera bio nitrivec.

Content: 50ml (1.7fl oz) sufficient for: (2000 liters/528 US Gal)

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  • Sera Filter Biostart 50ml (Sera) (Water Conditioning)

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