Tales of Zestiria (PlayStation 4) Region Free (PS4 Chinese Subtitled Version) 時空幻境 熱情傳奇 (中文版)

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Tales of Zestiria (PlayStation 4) Region Free (PS4 Chinese Subtitled Version) 時空幻境 熱情傳奇 (中文版)

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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Tales Of series, Bandai Namco is preparing the world for Tales of Zestiria, the 15th title! 

As this famous franchise continues to move forward, Zestiria returns to the high fantasy roots of the first Tales of games, and will forge new ground while keeping many classic elements that fans have seen over the years.

Zestiria takes place on the continent of Greenwood, and is divided between two warring empires. The story follows Sorey, a passionate young man empowered by a mystical race known as the Tenzoku - aka "Heavenly People." With their help, Sorey travels to free Greenwood. Like all Tales Of games, there is always an underlying theme; this time it is about "Sekai o tentō jōnetsu" - lighting the world with passion! 

A huge departure from the previous Tales of games, Zestiria will be the first of the titles to have an open world-style layout; this dramatic shift is due to Producer Hideo Baba's desire to change the direction of exploration - as in previous titles, he compared this to "moving along a highway." 

During exploration in the vast new world of Greenwood, players can access new areas with companion specific powers such as slicking through minor obstacles, smashing through large obstacles, stealth style gameplay, teleportation, and even interacting with lights and the environment. As well, depending on which character is selected to accompany Sorey, specific story-relevant conversations can happen.

For the first time ever, the famous real-time battle system of the Tales of games also receives an update. Players will now engage enemies on the map, as opposed to the previous field to battle scene style of other titles. As such, strategic thinking will be important, as the environment has been mentioned to affect the results of battle. 

Battles will take place with a maximum of four party members against a denizen of foes, and if things get too overwhelming, there is a new ability in which human characters can fuse with the Tenzoku, producing a hybrid form with new abilities and stats, depending on the combination

Release Date Oct 16, 2015
Genre RPG
Bandai Namco

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  • Tales of Zestiria (PlayStation 4) Region Free (PS4 Chinese Subtitled Version) 時空幻境 熱情傳奇 (中文版)

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