Toukiden - The Age of Demons (PS Vita)

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Toukiden - The Age of Demons (PS Vita)

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The story rolls out in a world where battles against the “Oni” (demon) never cease. Players will assume the role of a warriors called “mononofu” and fight the “Oni” with their allies in order to prevent the perishing of mankind. Users can enjoy the multiplayer mode for up to 4 players, in addition to the Cross Play and Ad-hoc mode.

  • Hunt for Adventure: Action adventure gameplay with a hunting theme and fantasy-themed historical Japanese setting
  • Slash! Pierce! Destroy!: Skillfully defeat monstrous and powerful Oni using the Targeted Destruction System to protect the human race from annihilation
  • Choose your Weapon: Take on monsters with a sword, bow, Kusari-gama, or other weapon
  • Customize your Character: Select from a variety of features to create a unique Slayer
  • Slay in a Pack: Up to 4 players can play together in Infrastructure Mode or through ad-hoc multiplayer gameplay
  • Build your own Party: Select party members from a supporting cast of characters - or team up with friends for multiplayer sessions


Release Date  Feb 15, 2014
Language  English
Genre  Action
Manufacturer Koei Tecmo Games

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  • Toukiden - The Age of Demons (PS Vita)

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