Tropical Aqua-Kali 30ml (Tropical) (Aquarium Treatment)

$8.99 USD

Tropical Aqua-Kali 30ml (Tropical) (Aquarium Treatment)

Brand: Tropical
Product: Aqua-Kali

Code: 32021 (30ml)

Disinfecting Preparation

Preparation which fights bacteria and protozoans and protects fish against infections by releasing active oxygen atoms. AQUA-KALI removes cloudiness of the water caused by micro-organisms infestation. Is a safe preparation for short-term disinfecting baths of newly purchased aquatic plants. It can also be used for quarantine, especially when fish suffer from visible wounds and skin abrasions caused by transportation. In case of fins and skin defects of big specimens, swab application is recommended. Disinfecting properties prove useful also in case of aquarium equipment. Do not combine AQUA-KALI with other aquarium preparations.

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  • Tropical Aqua-Kali 30ml (Tropical) (Aquarium Treatment)

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