Tropical Aqua Plant 50ml, 100ml (Tropical) (Water Plant Conditioning)

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Tropical Aqua Plant 50ml, 100ml (Tropical) (Water Plant Conditioning)

Brand: Tropical
Product: Aqua Plant

Code: 33112 (50ml)
Code: 33114 (100ml)

Macronutrients for aquarium plants

TROPICAL AQUA PLANT is a fertilizer with macronutrients for aquatic plants. Provides them with nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) – in suitable proportions. Intended for fertilization in planted tanks with a small number of fish, where the deficiency of these elements is likely to occur and result in the inhibition of growth of plants and eventually their death. Regular use of this product ensures plants’ intensive growth and proper development. Strong and healthy plants contribute to creating biologically stable aquarium and limit the risk of problems with algae or bad chemical parameters of water. This product can be used in tanks fertilized with carbon dioxide and in submerse cultures.

Treatment: 10 ml / 100 l of water, each time the water is changed. The dose may be increased and decreased depending while observing of the growth of plants in the tank. May be used simultaneously with Kobaltosan, Multimineral and Ferro-Aktiv fertilizers.

CAUTION! Do not use simultaneously with water conditioners and pH correction agents. Fertilizer safe for shrimps. Caution is advised with species and varieties of shrimps known for their high sensitivity.

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  • Tropical Aqua Plant 50ml, 100ml (Tropical) (Water Plant Conditioning)

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