Tropical Aquaseptin 100ml (Tropical) (Aquarium Treatment)

$12.99 USD

Tropical Aquaseptin 100ml (Tropical) (Aquarium Treatment)

Brand: Tropical
Product: Aquaseptin

Code: 32044 (100ml)

Aquarium preparation as a solution to optimize the development of fish and plants in aquariums. It protects against the development of an aquarium decorated harmful bacteria, fungi and parasites that may adversely affect the conditions for breeding and result in their deterioration, threatening fish and plants. Effectively disinfects water aquarium eliminating hazards caused by the presence of dangerous biological pathogens.

Bottle of 30 ml is sufficient for 300 liters of water, 100 ml bottle in 1000 l of water.

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  • Tropical Aquaseptin 100ml (Tropical) (Aquarium Treatment)

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