Tropical Carnivore 500ml, 1000ml (Tropical) (Fish Food)

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Tropical Carnivore 500ml, 1000ml (Tropical) (Fish Food)

Brand: Tropical
Product: Carnivore
Food for large carnivorous fish

Content: 500ml (approx. 300g)
Content: 1000ml (approx. 600g)

High protein, sinking granules for bottom feeders – CARNIVORE – are a new Tropical feeding solution for carnivorous fish lovers. The high content of easily assimilable protein shall meet dietary requirements of catfish, demanding Potamotrygonidae, snakeheads etc. CARNIVORE is a great dietary supplement for omnivorous Loricariidae and attractive feeding solution for larger bottom feeding cichlids. Low content of starch protects carnivorous fish from fatty degeneration of internal organs. HTST technology used for production ensures high assimilability of nutrients and biological safety of the product. Granules do not disintegrate in water, hence do not contaminate it or release its valuable nutrients. Beta glucan reinforces fish’s immune system. CARNIVORE is packed in new – transparent – tins with UV filter, which give clients the possibility to have a look at the food without the necessity to open it and guarantee the safety of the product and all the nutrients.

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  • Tropical Carnivore 500ml, 1000ml (Tropical) (Fish Food)

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