Tropical Dafnia Daphnia Pulex 150ml (Tropical) (Fish Food)

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Tropical Dafnia Daphnia Pulex 150ml (Tropical) (Fish Food)

Brand: Tropical
Product: Dafnia Daphnia Pulex
Sun-dried water fleas

Code Number: 01013 (150ml/18g) tin

Water fleas are tiny freshwater crustaceans of the suborder Cladocera. They area major element in the diet of many fish in the wild. DAFNIA, which consists of sun-dried and easy-to-use water fleas, provides essential macronutrients and trace elements. Moreover, water fleas are an invaluable source of chitin, which acts as roughage, regulating digestive processes and preventing constipation. for this reason DAFNIA are a very important component in the diet of carnivorous and omnivorous fish. To meet the fishes' requirements fro protein, fats, and vitamins DAFNIA should be used together with complete foods for ornamental fish, such as ICHTIO-VIT, OVO-VIT, SUPERVIT and VITALITY and COLOR.

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  • Tropical Dafnia Daphnia Pulex 150ml (Tropical) (Fish Food)

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