Tropical Ferro-Aktiv 30ml, 500ml (Tropical) (Water Plant Conditioning)

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Tropical Ferro-Aktiv 30ml, 500ml (Tropical) (Water Plant Conditioning)

Brand: Tropical
Product: Ferro-Aktiv

Content: 30ml
Content: 500ml

Chelated Iron for Water Plants

TROPICAL FERRO-AKTIV is a fertilizer with iron for systematic conditioning of aquatic plants in common and planted tanks. Contains biologically absorbable iron in the form of a chelate. When used regularly, it prevents chlorosis – plants' disease manifested by young leaves turning pale and yellow. Long-lasting iron deficiency in the tank may lead to dwarfing young leaves, which may turn almost white. At such an advanced stage of chlorosis even older leaves may turn yellow and the growth of the plant may be inhibited. FERRO-AKTIV facilitates the photosynthesis and the production of chlorophyll in the tissues. It ensures bright and intense green coloration of aquatic plants and their lush growth.

Treatment: 10 ml / 100 l of water, each time when the water is changed. The dose may be increased and decreased while observing the growth of plants in the tank. May be used simultaneously with Kobaltosan, Aqua Plant and Aquaflorin Potassium fertilizers.

CAUTION! Do not use simultaneously with water conditioners and pH correction agents. Fertilizer safe for shrimps. Caution is advised with species and varieties of shrimps known for their high sensitivity.

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  • Tropical Ferro-Aktiv 30ml, 500ml (Tropical) (Water Plant Conditioning)

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