Tropical Guppy 150ml (Tropical) (Fish Food)

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Tropical Guppy 150ml (Tropical) (Fish Food)

Brand: Tropical
Product: Guppy
A basic food for guppies, with marine salt

Code Number: 74453 (150ml/35g) tin

A multi-ingredient, basic flake food for everyday feeding of guppies and other live-bearing fish. Includes a balanced natural marine salt which has a positive effect on electrolyte levels and osmotic pressure, which in turn significantly affect pregnancy, birth, and the survival rate of fry and adults. Vegetable roughage and Spirulina platensis algae regulate the activity of the digestive tract and prevent constipation.
A high protein content, together with an optimal balance of vitamins and trace elements, ensures excellent health, growth, and condition. It is recommended to vary the diet of live-bearing fish with other Tropical foods such as SUPERVIT, SPIRULINA FLAKES, and VITALITY & COLOR.

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  • Tropical Guppy 150ml (Tropical) (Fish Food)

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