Tropical Querex 30ml, 500ml (Tropical) (Water Conditioning)

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Tropical Querex 30ml, 500ml (Tropical) (Water Conditioning)

Brand: Tropical
Product: Querex

Code: 30185 (30ml)
Code: 34056 (100ml)

Oak Bark Extract

TROPICAL QUEREX is an oak bark extract for establishing water conditions that facilitate breeding and reproduction of ornamental fish. It adds to water natural tannins ‒ organic chemical compounds classified as tanning agents, to create living conditions similar to those in which blackwater fish live. The prophylactic properties of oak bark have been used in natural medicine for centuries. When placed in the tank, the oak bark extract creates favourable living conditions, helping keep fish population in good condition. In tanks where oak bark extract is used skin problems occur only occasionally. One rarely observes fish rubbing against elements of equipment or decorations. Adults are more willing to spawn. The hatch and survival rates of the fry increase as well.

QUEREX encourages fish to spawn, effectively protects the eggs, accelerates the regeneration of epidermis, mucus coating and fins of the fish.

TREATMENT: 10 ml / 100 l of water or until the water takes the desirable colour. Use after each total and partial change of water, after transportation and during acclimatization of fish to new conditions – the times when they are particularly susceptible to skin abrasions and cuts. May be used simultaneously with Torfin, Ketapang Extract and Blacklarin.

QUEREX does not work in hard water. To be used in soft and slightly acid water. It does not harm useful filtration bacteria.

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  • Tropical Querex 30ml, 500ml (Tropical) (Water Conditioning)

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