Tropical Tubiv 150ml (Tropical) (Fish Food)

$7.99 USD

Tropical Tubiv 150ml (Tropical) (Fish Food)

Brand: Tropical
Product: Tubiv
A high-protein flake food with Tubifex and chironomid larvae

Code Number: 70583 (150ml/25g) tin

A high-protein flake food for everyday feeding of fish that prefer aquatic invertebrates, e.g. midge larvae, in their diet.

TUBIVIT is produced from the best quality raw materials, including specially prepared and purified Tubifex worms and chironomid larvae. A high protein content, together with valuable vitamins and trace elements, stimulates growth and ensures excellent condition. TUBIVIT is an ideal choice for fish enthusiasts who wish to supplement the diet of their fish with aquatic invertebrates while avoiding all the problems that pathogens present in live foods may cause. We also recommend our freeze-dried foods: TUBI CUBI, RED MICO, and FD BRINE SHRIMP.

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  • Tropical Tubiv 150ml (Tropical) (Fish Food)

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