About Us

Bad Panda Shop is an online entertainment product retailer specializing in Video Games, DVDs, Blu-Rays, Music, Electronics and Gadgets.

    We are based in Hong Kong where all our products ship from.

      We have a love for movies in general, and would like to help movie-loving customers to collect Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean (amongst other) DVDs and Blu-Rays. We have a selection of out-of-print DVDs that you may be looking for but haven't been able to find. Asian movies are a niche market, but we would love to share our mutual love for these movies (which are at a completely different compared to Hollywood movies, at times outlandish, action-packed, crazy, subtle, totally off-the-wall). Of course, we also sell Hollywood movies, and enjoy them just as much.

    Video gaming has come a long way (remember waiting for what seemed to be an eternity for the game, which came on a cassette tape, to load and scream when it crashed right at the end!). We are committed to providing video games to an international audience at inexpensive prices.

    We are not a large, monolithic company, and it is true that we won't be all things to all people, but we hope for a small but strong customer base where we will provide a friendly, trustworthy and professional service, where you can buy genuine, official products at reasonable prices.