Before Sunrise 情留半天 Blu-Ray (1995) (Region Free) (Hong Kong Version)

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Before Sunrise 情留半天 Blu-Ray (1995) (Region Free) (Hong Kong Version)

Region Coding: Region Free


Ethan Hawke
Julie Delpy
Andrea Eckert
Hanno Pöschl
Karl Bruchkschwaiger
Tex Rubinowitz

Richard Linklater

Audio Tracks: 

DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0, Dolby Digital 2.0


English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

English, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文字幕, Korean, Portuguese, Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Thai

Running Time: 
- minutes (TBA)


Warner / Manta Lab

Release Date:
7 Sept 2017

Yesterday they were strangers, today inseparable soul mates. But separate they must in just a few hours. Jesse and Celine are making every moment count, pouring as much living as they can into the time Before Sunrise. From Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused) comes another beautifully observed tale of young people at a crossroads. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy play twenty-somethings who meet on a train in Europe, sense a connection and explore after-hours Vienna before their travel plans say they must part. The people, places and allure of the city become their sudden itineraries. Love is their destination. And long the way there's the mutual sharing of hopes, jokes, dreams, worry and wonder. It's a day to linger in their memories. And a valentine to young love forever.

昨天是陌路人,今天是情投意合、不可分割的情人。可是他們將在數小時後分開, 謝西及莎蓮同感相逢恨晚,決定在黎明前共渡餘下的時光。由李察連卡特執導,講述兩位年輕人一段浪漫的相遇經過,二十來歲的伊芬鶴健及茱莉黛比在一歐洲列車上巧遇,彼此相互吸引,相約同遊維也納。他們在這城市所遇見的人、地方及事物驟變成行程表,愛情才是他們的終點站。沿途把酒談歡,分享理想、笑話、夢想、擔憂及各種年輕人的煩惱,他們一直緬懷這浪漫的一天。齊為青蔥歲月的愛情喝采。

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  • Before Sunrise 情留半天 Blu-Ray (1995) (Region Free) (Hong Kong Version)
  • Before Sunrise 情留半天 Blu-Ray (1995) (Region Free) (Hong Kong Version)

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