City Without Baseball 無野之城 Blu-ray (2008) (Region Free) (English Subtitled)

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City Without Baseball 無野之城 Blu-ray (2008) (Region Free) (English Subtitled)
Region Coding: Region Free

John Tai
Ron Heung
Leung Yu-Chung
Jason Tsang
Monie Tung Man-Lei
Kevin Gia Lin
Anjo Leung

Lawrence Lau

Audio Tracks: 
DTS-HD Master Audio, Uncompressed PCM 5.1

Cantonese, Mandarin

English, Traditional Chinese

Running Time: 
100 minutes

Panorama (HK)

Release Date:
03 June 2011

This film is based on the stories provide by the Hong Kong Baseball Team players, and performed by themselves.

Hong Kong is a glamourous city with everything but baseball, almost. A brand new diamond and a charismatic new coach bring hope to the underrated delegation. Yet their passionate lives are no less intriguing.

The coach from Taipei meets a beautiful beachfront girl. The masculine pitcher attracts more fans than he like while he desperately attempts to save a suicidal girl. The artistic rookie who is also into punk music and fashion is so attached to the pitcher that it aroused suspicion to his sexuality, from his teammates as well as himself.

In the fateful Asian Cup, they defeat Indonesia and Thailand, the two strongest teams in the group they have never conquered. Amid the ecstasy of achieving the greatest victory ever, they lost to Sri Lanka, the weakest link, in the final match and were sent straight to the hell from heaven.
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  • City Without Baseball 無野之城 Blu-ray (2008) (Region Free) (English Subtitled)

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