The Merger 我們停戰吧! Blu-ray (2015) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

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The Merger 我們停戰吧!  Blu-ray (2015) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

Region Coding: Region A (Locked)


Patrick Tam 譚耀文
Rachel Lam 林熹瞳
Frankie Lam 林文龍
Kathy Yuen 湯怡
Pinky Cheung 張文慈
Charles Ying Cheong Yau 應昌佑
Maggie Wong Mei Kei 黃美棋
Samuel Kwok Fung 郭峰

Jimmy Luk Tin Wah 陸天華

Gordan Lam Ka Tung 

Rachel Lam 林熹瞳

Audio Tracks:  

DTS MA 5.1/ Dolby Digital 5.1


Cantonese 粵語, Mandarin 國語

English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Running Time:  
106 minutes

Universe (HK)

Release Date: 
20 July 2017


An ardent youth Ka-ka Yip, whose adoptive mother Choi-yi Bao was her birth mother Heung-heung Yip’s best friend, heads her schoolmates to demonstrate against the demolition of the extraordinary school library. In spite of failure, her optimistic personality causes her to shift focus on the preservation of the valuable books together with her geek-looking teacher Ka-keung Chan. Due to their extreme personalities, they argue a lot and seem like to be quarrelsome lovers through the sifting process of less valuable books. Unexpectedly, Ka-ka discovers her birth mother Heung-heung’s diary and the truth of her birth parents’ love story…
Ka-ka’ parents Heung-heung and Wah-seng Ko were in a teacher-student relationship which was considered to be intolerable injustice in the traditional Chinese society. In the period of teen rebellion, Heung-heung lived alone when her parents got divorce. During this challenging time, Heung-heung met a very stern looking history teacher Wah-seng who did not only admit her being a rebellious student but also encourage her facing with difficulties. Wah-seng, an ardent patriot, studied lots of hero stories from horrible and bloody battlefields under the influence of his soldier father. Facing Hong Kong returning to China in 1997, he rejected to emigrant this colony and divorced his wife in order to continuously take up his mission of teaching the painful and traumatic Chinese history. Perhaps, Heung-heung was 23 years young than Wah-seng, they finally fell in love and got in their mutual supportive relationships and care. Unfortunately, after the exposure of this “immortal” teacher-student affair, Wah-seng made a deadly choice and Heung-heung chose posthumous marriage in order to extend their endless love.
In fact, Ka-keung was a witness of this tragic love story when he was an intern teacher of Heung-heung and apprentice of Wah-seng. On account of his secret love for Heung-heung, he clandestinely supported her for years until Heung-heung died in SARS (Serve Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in which Heung-heung was a volunteer doctor to take care of SARS patients. 
When cheerful Ka-ka finally discovers that her birth mother-liked Choi-yi was the informer who exposed her parents’ love and caused to her family break-up, she suffers from unprecedented pain…

「希臘神話有一個傳說,人類原本是男女同體,兩個頭,四隻手,四隻腳…然而天神宙斯妒忌人類太幸福,於是用雷電劈開男和女,命運女神把本來一對對的男女分散各地,令他們忘記對方。但是人類的心靈仍然保留了另一半的感覺,於是人類就憑著這絲感覺在人世間尋找另一半…」 葉香香 (林熹瞳 飾) 的女兒葉家家 (湯怡 飾) 希望從明信中學裡的華麗而又神秘之圖書館內,尋找親生母親生前的足跡;就在一次反對大集團拆遷此極具歷史文物價值的圖書館大樓的抗爭活動中,家家竟遇上了古華生 (林文龍 飾) 的愛徒陳家強 (譚耀文 飾) ;一連串淒美殘酷的真相均偶發在這圖書館大樓內。家家揭發了自己的養母 (張文慈 飾) 竟是害死母親愛人的主要幫兇!愛恨交纒,一觸即發。

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  • The Merger 我們停戰吧!  Blu-ray (2015) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

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