Flaming Brothers 江湖龍虎鬥 Blu-ray (1987) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

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Flaming Brothers 江湖龍虎鬥 Blu-ray (1987) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

Region Coding: Region A (Locked)

Chow Yun Fat 周潤發
Alan Tang 鄧光榮
Wong Kar Wai 王家衛
Jenny Tseng 甄妮
Pat Ha 夏文汐
Norman Tsui 徐少強
Patrick Tse

Cheung Tong Cho 張同祖

Audio Tracks: 

Dolby TrueHD 7.1, Dolby Digital 6.1, Dolby Digital EX, THX Surround EX

Cantonese, Mandarin

English, Traditional Chinese

Running Time: 
102 minutes

CMS Media Limited (HK)

Release Date:
21 June 2011

As orphans growing up on the streets of Macau, Alan (Alan Tang) and Tien (Chow Yun-fat) have formed a bond since childhood that will last a lifetime. Later they progressed from pickpockets to gangsters running a successful nightclub business, but their refusal to get involved in drug trafficking has incurred the wrath of the local crime boss Kao (Patrick Tse). To make amends, Alan heads off to Thailand for a deal while Tien runs into his childhood sweetheart Ka-hsi (Pat Ha) and decides to leave the triad and live a normal live. But when Alan is in trouble, Tien drops everything and comes to his rescue and finds himself in a final showdown with Kao.
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  • Flaming Brothers 江湖龍虎鬥 Blu-ray (1987) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

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