Godspeed 一路順風 (2016) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled)

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Godspeed 一路順風 (2016) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled)

Region Coding: Region 3 (Locked)


Michael Hui 許冠文
Tuo Tsung Hua 庹宗華
Leon Dai 戴立忍
Lin Yu Chih 林郁智
Matt Wu 吳中天
Vincent Liang 梁赫群

Chung Mong Hong 鍾孟宏

Audio Tracks: 

Dolby Digital 5.1 EX Surround


Mandarin 國語

English, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文字幕

Running Time: 
- minutes (TBA)

Edko Films Ltd. (HK)

Release Date:
10 May 2017

Na Dow, a punk who grew up lying, stealing and fooling around, decides to straighten out and takes his first steady job as a courier. The job is simple: hail a cab at sunrise, deliver a package to a close friend of Na Dow’s boss, and return on the same cab by sunset. It turns out that he would be delivering heroin of top-notch quality. Na Dow hesitantly gets on a shabby taxi driven by the carefree Old Xu (Michael Hui), a Hong Kong native who came to Taiwan 25 years ago and somehow decided to stay. Na Dow's plan to reform himself and Old Xu’s wish for a peaceful life take a downturn when they become the target of a mob attack. The drugs and the money are gone, and both of them are held hostage in the trunk of a car…8 nominations of Golden Horse Awards including Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Leading Actor and Best Supporting Actor.


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  • Godspeed 一路順風 (2016) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled)

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