Hui Brothers DVD Collection (5 Film Boxset) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled) Digitally Remastered

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Hui Brothers DVD Collection (5 Film Boxset) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled) Digitally Remastered

Region Coding: Region 3 (Locked)

Sam Hui
Michael Hui
Ricky Hui

Michael Hui

Audio Tracks: 

6.1, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS Digital Surround


Cantonese, Mandarin

English, Traditional Chinese

Number of Discs: 
5 DVDs

Kam & Ronson Enterprises Co., Ltd. (HK)

Release Date:
26 March 2013

Games Gamblers Play (1974) - Teng (Michael Hui) is the No. 1 con man plus professional gambler in jail. During the jail time, he meets young Liu (Samuel Hui) and the two becomes friends. Once they get out of jail they team up to make fortune. The two gamblers try their hands at several profitable projects. One day, Kiu hits upon a grand plan, but it needs a lot of capital. Therefore he decides to participate in a TV contest so as to win the money......

The Last Message (1975) - Our story begins in the Hang Seng Sanitarium, which has a quite amount of crazy people. Ah Tim (Michael Hui) is a handy man there and Li (Samuel Hui) is a nurse. Ah Tim has the greatest enthusiasm in his work, especially when he combs through the remains of the deceased and divests them of worldly items like gold fillings? However, his enterprise is spotted by Li, therefore, he has to make it a profit sharing venture. Later on, with the arrival of old Cheng (Roy Chiao), big fortune comes too. The two is now planning seriously how to get all the valuables from the big guy. However ......

The Private Eyes (1976) - Joseph Wong (Michael Hui), the kingpin of the Manix Private Detective Agency, a firm believer in tact and thrift. By tact, he means you can cheat all the people all the time and corners are there to be cut. By thrift, he means an underpaid staff is happy and grateful staff. By chance, he employs Lee Kwok Kit (Samuel Hui). Together, they have solved lots of wired cases. One day, while the two are investigating a blackmail case, the movie goes off and the lights come on. Scores of gun-toting hoods hold the more than 1,000 goers as hostages. On the stage Uncle Gaw (Shek Kin) threatens that it is a hold-up! Under such circumstance, what could the smart private eyes do......

The Contract (1978) - The contract is a piece of almost blank paper by which MTV binds all its employees to eight years of impecunious service. Chi-Man (Michael Hui), an aspiring but frustrated artist, hates the contract since he is given no chance of getting ahead. He constantly thinks of moving to greener pastures. His brother Chi-Ying (Ricky Hui) is a self-made investor who has just come up with a laugh bomb. By chance, Chi-Man becomes the host of a Cat TV program. With the aid of the laugh bomb, he becomes an instant success, yet......

Security Unlimited (1981)
- This is a story about a security guard agency and its three agents – Michael, Ricky and Sam. Michael (Michael Hui) --- The chief instructor, has an infinite capacity of self-importance and leans heavily on Ricky and Sam. He tries to look the part while relishes in retelling his past glories. Ricky (Ricky Hui) --- A hero worshipper. One thing bothers him – he is two inches too short for his job. Sam (Samuel Hui) --- Well, you will see how much tolerance he has working with the other two ‘great’ guards ...... So with these three as the guards, would you trust them?

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  • Hui Brothers DVD Collection (5 Film Boxset) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled) Digitally Remastered

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