La La Land 星聲夢裡人 Blu-Ray (2016) (Region A) (Hong Kong Version) 2 Disc Edition

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La La Land 星聲夢裡人 Blu-Ray (2016) (Region A) (Hong Kong Version) 2 Disc Edition

Region Coding: Region A (Locked)


Ryan Gosling
Emma Stone
John Legend
Rosemarie DeWitt
J.K. Simmons

Damien Chazelle

Audio Tracks: 

Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD Advanced 96k sampling



English, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文字幕, Simplified Chinese 簡體中文字幕

Number of Discs:
2 Blu-rays

Running Time: 
128 minutes + 150 minutes (bonus)


Panorama (HK)

Release Date:
28 July 2017

The film begins as everything begins in L.A.: on the freeway. This is where Sebastian meets Mia, with a disdainful honk in a traffic jam that mirrors all too well the gridlock they’re each navigating in their lives. Both are focused on the kind of near-impossible hopes that are the lifeblood of the city: Sebastian trying to get people to care about traditional jazz in the 21st Century, Mia aiming to nail just one uninterrupted audition. But neither expects that their fateful encounter will lead them to take leaps they never could alone. The leaps they both make, towards each other and, conflictingly, into their grandest artistic dreams, creates its own quintessentially cinematic world of rapture in La La Land – one that with light, color, sound, music and words takes a trip directly into the ecstasies of the happiness we chase… and the heartache of the passions we never get over.

薩巴斯安(賴恩高斯寧 飾)與美亞(愛瑪史東 飾)在洛杉磯繁囂都市中相遇,紛擾擠塞的高速公路正正是他們處於人生樽頸位的寫照。在這個星夢之城,二人卻在追求著無法達成的夢:爵士樂手薩巴斯安想在21世紀喚醒人們對傳統爵士樂的關注;夢想成為演員的美亞只是希望能夠成功完成一次試鏡。迷失星途的他們沒想到這次邂逅,會牽引著彼此向夢想躍進一大步,走向聲色光影的璀璨世界。

他們 尋找快樂,但同時也要面對熱情與夢想帶來的痛......

Special Feature 特別收錄 (Chinese subtitled 中文字幕):
01. Another Day of Sun: They Closed Down a Freeway 《Another Day of Sun》製作特輯:高速公路變 片場
02. La La Land's Great Party 池畔派對製作特輯
03. Ryan Gosling: Piano Student 鋼琴高材生:賴恩高斯寧
04. Before Whiplash: Damien Chazelle's Passion Project 戴米恩查素 – 《鼓動真我》時已構思 《星聲夢裡人》
05. La La Land's Love Letter to Los Angeles 一封給洛杉磯的情書
06. The Music of La La Land 《星聲夢裡人》音樂篇
07. John Legend's Acting Debut 騷靈歌星John Legend初登大銀幕
08. The Look of Love: Designing La La Land 《星聲夢裡人》 – 場景及設計篇
09. Ryan and Emma: Third Time's the Charm 賴恩和愛瑪的第三度合作
10. Epilogue: The Romance of the Dream 夢想的浪漫 – 終章製作特輯
11. Damien & Justin Sing: The Demos - What a Waste of a Lovely Night 導演與作曲 - 獨家試唱 - 歌曲《A Lovely Night》 製作特輯
12. City of Stars 歌曲《City of Stars》製作特輯

1. TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX® Q&A with Damien Chazelle featurette 星光大道著名影院 – 中國戲院:導演映後談篇
2. Open Spotlight - Airbnb Q&A featurette 洛杉磯大型盛會 Open Spotlight – Airbnb: 導演 及演員映後談篇
3. Trailer Hong Kong Version 預告 (香港版)
4. Trailer Hong Kong City of Stars Version 預告 (City of Stars 香港版)

movie trailer (Chinese subtitled)

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  • La La Land 星聲夢裡人 Blu-Ray (2016) (Region A) (Hong Kong Version) 2 Disc Edition

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