Maleficent 2-Movie Collection Blu-Ray (2014-2019) 黑魔后1+2套裝 (Region A) (Hong Kong Version)

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Maleficent 2-Movie Collection Blu-Ray (2014-2019) 黑魔后1+2套裝 (Region A) (Hong Kong Version)

Region Coding: Region A (Locked)


Angelina Jolie
Sharlto Copley
Elle Fanning
Sam Riley
Imelda Staunton
Juno Temple
Michelle Pfeiffer

Robert Stromberg
Joachim Rønning

Audio Tracks: 

DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1


English, Mandarin 國語, Portuguese, Spanish

English, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文字幕, Simplified Chinese 簡體中文字幕, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish

Number of Discs:
2 Blu-rays

Running Time: 
- minutes (TBA)

Walt Disney Pictures / Intercontinental Video Ltd. (IVL) HK

Release Date:
21 Jan 2020

Maleficent 黑魔后: 沉睡魔咒 (2014):
"Maleficent" explores the untold story of Disney's most iconic villain from the classic "Sleeping Beauty" and the elements of her betrayal that ultimately turn her pure heart to stone. Driven by revenge and a fierce desire to protect the moors over which she presides, Maleficent cruelly places an irrevocable curse upon the human king's newborn infant Aurora. As the child grows, Aurora is caught in the middle of the seething conflict between the forest kingdom she has grown to love and the human kingdom that holds her legacy. Maleficent realizes that Aurora may hold the key to peace in the land and is forced to take drastic actions that will change both worlds forever.

揭開迪士尼最具代表性的奸角之一 - 《睡公主》黑魔后不為人知的過去。國王史帝芬(沙杜高柏 飾) 的女兒愛洛 (艾麗芬寧 飾) 誕生了,舉國上下都為迎接小公主而慶祝歡騰,但神秘的黑魔后 (安祖蓮娜祖莉 飾) 卻不請自來,更狠下毒咒預告愛洛將沉睡不醒!原來在黑魔后的猙獰面目下,竟埋藏著段段悲痛往事,更牽涉連串背叛與陰謀,一場人類與魔物的正邪激戰勢必爆發……

movie trailer (Chinese subtitled)

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 黑魔后2 (2019):
In Disney’s “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,” a sequel to the 2014 global box office hit, Maleficent and her goddaughter Aurora begin to question the complex family ties that bind them as they are pulled in different directions by impending nuptials, unexpected allies and dark new forces at play.


愛洛公主(艾麗芬寧 飾演)即將與菲臘王子(夏里斯迪堅遜 飾演)結婚,她與黑魔后(安祖蓮娜祖莉 飾演)的關係隨著王子之母英桂女皇(米雪菲花 飾演)的介入,變得更為錯綜複雜;與此同時一股新的黑暗勢力入侵魔境,引發一連串巨大衝擊⋯⋯

movie trailer (Chinese subtitled)

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  • Maleficent 2-Movie Collection Blu-Ray (2014-2019) 黑魔后1+2套裝 (Region A) (Hong Kong Version)

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