Marry Me Blu-ray (2022) 非常巨星揀老公 (Region Free) (Hong Kong Version)

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Marry Me Blu-ray (2022) 非常巨星揀老公 (Region Free) (Hong Kong Version)

Region Coding: Region Free


Jennifer Lopez
Owen Wilson
Chloe Coleman
Sarah Silverman
Michelle Buteau

Kat Coiro

Audio Tracks: 

DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, DTS Digital Surround 5.1


English, Portuguese, Spanish

English, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文字幕, Simplified Chinese 簡體中文字幕, Korean,  Portuguese, Spanish, Thai

Running Time: 
112 minutes

Universal Pictures / Intercontinental Video Ltd. (IVL) HK

Release Date:
27 July 2022

Packed with original songs by Jennifer Lopez and global Latin music star Maluma, Marry Me features Lopez starring as musical superstar Kat Valdez and Owen Wilson as Charlie Gilbert, a math teacher—total strangers who agree to marry and then get to know each other. An unlikely romance about two different people searching for something real in a world where value is based on likes and followers, Marry Me is a modern love story about celebrity, marriage and social media.

Kat Valdez (Lopez) is half of the sexiest celebrity power couple on Earth with hot new music supernova Bastian (Maluma, making his feature-film debut). As Kat and Bastian’s inescapable hit single, “Marry Me,” climbs the charts, they are about to be wed before an audience of their fans in a ceremony that will streamed across multiple platforms.

Divorced high-school math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson) has been dragged to the concert by his daughter Lou (Chloe Coleman, HBO’s Big Little Lies) and his best friend (Sarah Silverman). When Kat learns, seconds before the ceremony, that Bastian has cheated on her with her assistant, her life turns left as she has a meltdown on stage, questioning love, truth and loyalty. As her gossamer world falls away, she locks eyes with a stranger—a face in the crowd.

If what you know lets you down, then perhaps what you don’t know is the answer, and so, in a moment of inspired insanity, Kat chooses to marry Charlie. What begins as an impulsive reaction evolves into an unexpected romance. But as forces conspire to separate them, the universal question arises: Can two people from such different worlds bridge the gulf between them and build a place where they both belong?

痴情粉絲,攻擊寂寞歌后的愛情村莊!人氣樂壇一姐 J. Lo 珍妮花露柏絲,與《翻生侏羅館》影帝級諧星奧雲韋遜,共譜打破身份界限的「摘星奇緣」式戀曲——紅透半邊天的歌舞天后(J. Lo)與樂壇超新星愛得高調,準備在千萬現場及網上直播粉絲的見證下,於演唱會裡放閃成婚。怎料登台前,Kat發現對方背她偷食,在舞台上披著頭紗萬念俱灰,與台下陰差陽錯手舉「Marry Me」粉絲牌的失婚數學教師(奧雲韋遜)對望一瞬間,決定嫁給這位陌生人⋯ 一刻瘋狂決定,二人展開了一段顛覆想像的戀情,但身份地位差距,令二人飽受無壓力!兩個來自不同世界陌生男女,能否在只追求like和follower的虛幻世界中找到真愛?

環球影業榮譽發行,改編自美國網絡作家同名漫畫小說的情人節心花怒放喜劇——《非常巨星揀老公》(MARRY ME),J. Lo除了與首登大銀幕、飾演天后劈腿未婚夫的拉丁音樂巨星Maluma 初次合作外,二人原創靚曲音樂更貫穿全片,影迷被劇情冧爆之餘,同時大飽耳福。

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  • Marry Me Blu-ray (2022) 非常巨星揀老公 (Region Free) (Hong Kong Version)
  • Marry Me Blu-ray (2022) 非常巨星揀老公 (Region Free) (Hong Kong Version)

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