Men Suddenly In Love Blu-ray (2011) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

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Men Suddenly In Love Blu-ray (2011) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

Region Coding: Region A (Locked)

Eric Tsang
Wong Jing
Chapman To
Jim Chim
Det Di
Chrissie Chau
Monica Chan
Richard Ng
Maggie Cheung Ho Yee
Mak Ling Ling
Jacqueline Chong
Jessica Xu
Harriet Yang
Betrys Kong
Caroline Chu
Carol Yeung

Director & Producer: 
Wong Jing

Audio Tracks: 

Dolby TrueHD 7.1, Dolby Digital 5.1


Cantonese, Mandarin

English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Running Time: 
89 minutes  

CN Entertainment Ltd.


Release Date:
09 June 2011

Five graduates come together to celebrate their teacher Master Jude's 80-year-okd birthday. Th is includes York (Eric Tsang); Claude(Jim Chim); Sam(Wong Jing); Keith(Chapman To) and Charlie (Tat Dik). Master Jude (Richard Ng) is a bachelor who enlightened them on the matter of sex during their school days.

However, during the celebration party, they encounter 5 pretty, sexy young models: the uninhibited Tina (Chrissie Chau), the movie fan Audrey(Jessica Xu), the body-check addict Peril (Caroline Chu), the off-possessed by spirits Jeanne (Carol Yeung) and Eleven (Betrys KKong), who is to eager to give up her virginity. They fall for each other and have a love-fest in the hotel.

The five men group together to form "The Cheating Brigade" to continue their affairs with the five models. Their Wives, headed by hillary (Maggie Cheung), with Sze (Harriet Yeung), Nana (Monica Chan), Ling Ling (Mak Ling Ling) and Nancy (Jacquelin Ching), also group together to catch them on the act. An 'espionage war' between husbands and wives ensues. Who will be the final victors - the husbands or the wives?
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  • Men Suddenly In Love Blu-ray (2011) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

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