Miracle In Cell No.7 (2013) (Region A Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) Korean Movie

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Miracle In Cell No.7 (2013) (Region A Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) Korean Movie

Region Coding: Region A (Locked)


Ryoo Seung Ryong
Park Shin Hye
Kal So Won
Oh Dal Su
Park Won Sang
Jeong Man Sik
Kim Jung Tae
Kim Ki Cheon
Jung jin Young

Lee Hwan Kyung

Audio Tracks: 

DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, Dolby TrueHD 5.1



English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Running Time: 
127 minutes

Intercontinental Video Ltd. (IVL) HK

Release Date:
8 Oct 2013


A father (Ryoo Seung-Ryong), who is mentally handicapped, but loves his daughter very much, is falsely accused of a crime and sent to prison. Later, his daughter Ye-Seung (Park Shin-Hye, who is a law school student, works to prove his innocence.

Back in 1997, Yong-Goo lives happily with his daughter Ye-Seung (Kal So-Won), even though he has the intelligence of a child. They stop by a shop everyday to look at a yellow Sailor Moon backpack that he hopes to buy his daughter. One day, they notice that the last yellow Sailor Moon backpack is being sold. Yong-Goo goes inside the store to plead his case, but the father buying the backpack ends up slapping Yong-Goo.

The following day, the girl who bought the yellow Sailor Moon backpack sees Yong-Goo working in the grocery store parking lot. She tells him that she knows another store that sells the same yellow backback. Yong-Goo follows the girl to a traditional outdoor market. A short while later, the girl is laying on the ground unconscious and Yong-Goo is trying to perform CPR. A woman walks by and calls the police.

Yong-Goo is accused of kidnap and murder. The father of the dead girl is also the chief of the National Police Agency. Yong-Goo is given the death penalty and incarcerated. In prison, Yong-Goo shares a jail cell with five other inmates. One day, Yong-Goo saves the life of his cellmate So Yang-Ho (Oh Dal-Su) from a rival prison gang leader. So Yang-Ho then offers to help Yong-Goo in any way he can to return the favor. Yong-Goo tells So Yang-Ho that he wants to see his daughter Ye-Seung. The five inmates then plan to make a miracle happen.

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  • Miracle In Cell No.7 (2013) (Region A Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) Korean Movie
  • Miracle In Cell No.7 (2013) (Region A Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) Korean Movie

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