Negotiator the Movie (2010) (Region A Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) Japanese movie

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Negotiator the Movie (2010) (Region A Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) Japanese movie

Region Coding: Region A (Locked)

YoneKura Ryoko
Sorimachi Takashi
Yanagiba Toshiro
Jinnai Takanori
Narimiya Hiroki
Shirota Yu
Hayashi Kento
Kakei Toshio
Takahashi Katsumi
Hashizume Isao
Tsugawa Masahiko
Noboru Takachi
Tsukaji Muga

Matusda Hidetomo

Audio Tracks: 

DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital 5.1


Japanese, Cantonese

English, Traditional Chinese

Running Time: 
123 minutes

Panorama (HK)

Release Date:
11 Nov 2011

An unknown group seizes 260 million yen from a cash delivery truck and takes hostages in a shopping mall. As soon as Reiko Usagi of the Metropolitan Police Special Investigations Team (SIT) begins negotiating with the perpetrators, a gunshot sounds and the line is cut. The group leader, Keiichiro Mido, has ruthlessly shot one of his men, and begins a commentary on social injustice, citing John Lennon’s assassin Mark Chapman as an example. By the time SIT breaks in, a bomb is detonated and accomplice Shinya Nakagawa escapes in the chaos. Only Mido and the cash are left behind. Several weeks later, Reiko is at Haneda Airport ready for a long overdue holiday, when she spots a young man, Yusuke Kimoto, who she recognizes as one of the hostages. Sensing something is amiss, Reiko discovers that Kimoto has boarded a flight to Hokkaido under a false name and instinctively jumps on the same flight. Just after take-off, the plane is hijacked. Under the codename “Mark Chapman”, Nakagawa contacts SIT from the cockpit, demanding Mido’s release. The time limit is one hour, after which he will kill one passenger a minute until his demand is met. Held hostage 10,000 meters in the sky with no means of communication with SIT, Reiko must find a way to negotiate with the hijackers and save the lives of everyone on board.
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  • Negotiator the Movie (2010) (Region A Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) Japanese movie

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