New York New York 紐約紐約 Blu-ray (2016) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

$18.99 USD

New York New York 紐約紐約 Blu-ray (2016) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

Region Coding: Region A (Locked)


Ethan Juan Ching Tien 阮經天
Du Juan 杜鵑
Michael Miu Kiu Wai 苗僑偉
Cecilia Yip 葉童

Luo Dong 羅冬

Stanley Kwan 關錦鵬

Audio Tracks: 

Dolby TrueHD Advanced 96k upsampling, Dolby Digital EX


Original Soundtrack 原聲 (mainly in Mandarin 國語)

English, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文字幕, Simplified Chinese 簡體中文字幕

Running Time: 
- minutes (TBA)

Panorama (HK)

Release Date:
2 June 2017

It’s the 1990s, Shanghai is a land of golden opportunity. Lu Tu, the best hotel head concierge in Shanghai falls in love with A-Juan, a girl who is materialistic and desperate to go abroad. Lu’s work is noticed by Mr. Mi, the head of a service that charges a premium to help Chinese citizens attain American visas. He asks Lu Tu to find prospective clients for the service and also offers him a chance to go to merica ith him, but Lu Tu decides to stay in Shanghai and gives the opportunity to A-Juan instead. After helping Mr. Mi find clients willing to pay hard-earned money for visas to America, Lu Tu soon discovers that the visa service is a scam. The money vanishes overnight, along with Mr. Mi and AJuan. Kept in the dark, A-Juan follows Mr. Mi to America. Donny, Mr. Mi’s boss and the mastermind behind the scam, fancies A-Juan and keeps her as his mistress. Realizing the deception, the furious Lu Tu flies to America to confront Mr. Mi, but accidentally kills him in a fight. Soon, Donny’s men show up and gun down Lu Tu. Finally knowing the truth, AJuan agonizes over the loss of Lu Tu and her own incompetence. Despite everything that has happened, A-Juan settles down and finds her own place in this big melting pot, as her life goes on.

90年代的上海VK大酒店,聚集了欲望的投射。在那個年代裡,人人渴望出國淘金,酒店主管路途(阮經天 飾)卻反而很滿意自己在上海的工作及生活。直到神秘豪客米先生(苗僑偉 飾)的到來,邀請路途跟隨他到紐約工作;而女朋友阿鵑(杜鵑 飾)同時也希望路途能夠帶她出國闖出名堂,一圓紐約夢。因為愛情,路途把出國的機會讓給了阿鵑,卻沒想到出國工作的機會原來是一場大騙局。當路途趕往紐約時,阿鵑已成為意大利黑手黨唐尼的情婦。最後,上演了一場 在上海和紐約兩個城市中的愛慾糾纏……

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  • New York New York 紐約紐約 Blu-ray (2016) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

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