Plastic Tree (2003) (Region Free DVD) (English Subtitled) Korean movie

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Plastic Tree (2003) (Region Free DVD) (English Subtitled) Korean movie
Region Coding: Region Free

Cho Eun Sook
Kim Jung Hyun

EO II-sun

Audio Tracks: 

Dolby Digital



English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Running Time: 
104 minutes

Sky Entertainment Distribution Ltd. (HK)

Release Date:
07 Dec 2006

Two guys, a girl and a seasid barbershop which are full of jeaious, aphrodisia and hatred, create an unexpected ending....

Su is a barber; he lived with his girlfriend in the Pusan, operating a barbershop. Su is an extremely introverted person, having a simple life with Won-young. One day, Su's childhood friend Byung-ho backed to the village and requested to stay for few days. Although Su and Won-young had not seen Byung-ho for many years and did not understand the purpose of his coming, they accepted his request. Won-young was attracted by Byung-ho's outstanding outlook and she felt Byung-ho was an interesting guy. They became friends. Their contact finally caused Su's suspicion. As Su more care about their relationship, Won-young became more against with Su. Therefore, their lover's relation thus in danger....
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  • Plastic Tree (2003) (Region Free DVD) (English Subtitled) Korean movie

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