Romance Of Their Own (2005) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled) Korean movie

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Romance Of Their Own (2005) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled) Korean movie

Region Coding: Region 3 (Locked)

Kang Dong Won
Cho Han Seon
Lee Cheong Ah

Kim Tae Kyun

Audio Tracks: 

Dolby Digital



English, Traditional Chinese

Running Time: 
115 minutes

Edko Films Ltd. (HK)

Release Date:
09 Aug 2005

In both personality and looks, Han-kyung seems right off the bus from the countryside. She has just arrived in the city of Seoul to live with her mother and she transfers to Kang-shin High School… 

However, her life in Seoul is a series of emotional and physical shocks. As she rides on a bus, she gets hit on the head by some dude's shoe. But her woes do not end there. The guy who threw the shoe, BAHN Hae-won, is no ordinary dude. The original 'King Card' BAHN Hae-won, who has droves of girls from neighboring schools following him, feels sorry for the flustered Han-kyung. Finding her cute, he falls for her. And like his personality, Hae-won makes a rash pass at her… 

But the problem is JUNG Tae-sung, the best fighter at the neighboring high school, Sung-kwon High. He has also fallen for JUNG Han-kyung. Hiding behind a bashful face is the strong fist and ball of stubbornness that is Tae-sung. With pride and love at stake, the two boys do not give an inch as a fight ensues. 

However, Tae-sung has a fateful secret. He cannot love Han-kyung even if he wanted to. Not knowing this, Han-kyung agonizes and agonizes over this as she tries to find a way not to hurt either one of them. In the end, Tae-sung leaves Han-kyung. Han-kyung and Hae-won learn of Tae-sung's secret too late. As we watch, our hearts ache and their bright faces brings even adults to tears.

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  • Romance Of Their Own (2005) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled) Korean movie

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