Saga Of The Phoenix Blu-ray (1990) 阿修羅 (Region A) (English Subtitled)

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Saga Of The Phoenix Blu-ray (1990) 阿修羅 (Region A) (English Subtitled)

Region Coding: Region A (Locked)

Hiroshi Abe
Yuen Biao 元彪
Gloria Yip 葉蘊儀
Loletta Lee 李麗珍
Shintaro Katsu
Lawrence Lau 劉錫賢

Nam Nai Choi 藍乃才
Lau Sze Yu 劉仕裕

Audio Tracks:  
Dolby TrueHD 5.1 with Advanced 96k Upsampling

Cantonese 粵語, Mandarin 國語

English, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文字幕, Simplified Chinese 簡體中文字幕

Running Time:  
94 minutes

Panorama (HK)

Release Date:
20 Nov 2020

The Goddess of Hell Ashura (Gloria Yip) has the power to control all devils. Wherever she goes, devils in the vicinity will be awakened. Although Ashura has lived underground for 660 years, she is still righteous deep inside. Ashura wants to leave the evil world, she goes to see Master Chi Hung (Katsu Shintaro). The Master thinks that Ashura should leave the human world and stay inside a Buddha statue forever. Ashura promises that she will never practice evil magic again. All she wants is to stay under the sun. Disciples Peacock (Yuen Biao) and Lucky Fruit (Abe Hiroshi) also beg their master for her. The Master finally lets Ashura live in the human world for seven days. Ashura thinks she can spend seven days under the sun in the human world. However, during the time, devils never stop harassing her in all kinds of ways. By the seventh day, Ashura joins forces with Peacock and Lucky Fruit to destroy the devils. By doing so, she moves the Gods who help her transcend to the eighth day. Ashura can then transform into human being.

地獄聖女阿修羅(葉蘊儀 飾)有控制魔界妖魔的能力,逢她出現的地方,妖魔鬼怪皆會被她喚醒。雖然阿修羅在地底已住了660年,卻擁有一顆赤子之心,甚至想脫離魔道。慈空大師(勝新太郎 飾)認為阿修羅應該永遠被收進佛像內,永離人間。阿修羅承諾不再作魔法,但希望留在可望見太陽的地方。大師弟子孔雀(元彪 飾)和吉祥果(阿部寬 飾)亦一起懇求,大師終答應讓阿修羅在人間留七天,之後要立刻進入佛像。阿修羅欣喜非常,以為能在太陽底下過七天人類的生活,但期間卻受盡妖魔的騷擾。到了第七天,阿修羅聯同孔雀及吉祥果,一起到陰間把妖魔消滅。此舉感動了神靈,讓阿修羅得以超越至第八天,變成真正的人類。

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  • Saga Of The Phoenix Blu-ray (1990) 阿修羅 (Region A) (English Subtitled)

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