The Crucifixion 虐靈者 Blu-Ray (2017) (Region A) (Hong Kong Version)

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The Crucifixion 虐靈者 Blu-Ray (2017) (Region A) (Hong Kong Version)

Region Coding: Region A (Locked)

Sophie Cookson
Corneliu Ulici
Brittany Ashworth
Matthew Zajac
Diana Vladu

Xavier Gens

Audio Tracks:

Dolby TrueHD Advanced 96k upsampling, Dolby Digital EX

Original Soundtrack (mainly in English)

English, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文字幕, Simplified Chinese 簡體中文字幕

Running Time:
90 minutes

Panorama (HK)

Release Date:
13 April 2018


Based on real life events, a priest is jailed for the murder of a nun on whom he was performing an exorcism, an investigative journalist strives to determine whether he in fact murdered a mentally ill person or if the allegations are false and he simply lost the battle with a demonic presence. That she might be experiencing herself…

真人真事改編,本世紀最駭人靈異事件! 2005年,一名修女在羅馬教士對她進行驅魔儀式時離奇死亡,教士被指控謀殺入獄。反信仰記者妮歌(蘇菲曲遜 飾)認定神父以宗教之名謀殺 ,更找上了教會及神父獨自偵查。然而,事有蹊蹺,在追查的過程中,妮歌發現修女的死因並不是謀殺,而是由一股極邪惡的怨靈力量造成。 怨靈更盯上妮歌,隨時準備上身…… 十字驅魔實錄,13年後驚嚇重現!

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  • The Crucifixion 虐靈者 Blu-Ray (2017) (Region A) (Hong Kong Version)

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