The Gentlemen (2020) 瘋狂紳士幫 (Region 3 DVD) (Chinese Subtitled)

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The Gentlemen (2020) 瘋狂紳士幫 (Region 3 DVD) (Chinese Subtitled)

Region Coding: Region 3 (Locked)

Matthew McConaughey
Charlie Hunnam
Henry Golding
Michelle Dockery
Jeremy Strong
Eddie Marsan

Guy Ritchie

Audio Tracks:  

DTS Digital Surround ES, Dolby Digital EX


English, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文字幕

Running Time:  
114 minutes

Panorama (HK)

Release Date: 
19 June 2020

From writer-director Guy Ritchie comes The Gentlemen, a star-studded, sophisticated action comedy. The story follows American expat Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey), who has built a highly profitable marijuana empire in London. When word gets out that he’s looking to cash out of the business, a host of colorful, if entirely illegitimate figures scheme, bribe and blackmail their way to try and steal Mickey’s domain out from under him.

《神探福爾摩斯》《特務型戰》《阿拉丁》鬼才編導佳烈治 (Guy Ritchie) 最新作品,金像級星光陣容,精心設局塑造型格「黑色動作喜劇」。

美國僑民米奇培生(馬修麥康納希 飾)在倫敦建立大麻帝國,發了大財,其後江湖傳出他想賣盤收山的消息,引來各路牛鬼蛇神,偷呃拐騙奇招百出,企圖搶得半壁江山。私家偵探費查(曉格蘭特 飾)用盡各種低俗手段,收集所有米奇的黑材料,企圖從中得利。新紥唐人街幫會龍頭眼乾乾(亨利高定 飾)想以割喉價奪取米奇的生意,霸地盤以證明自己的實力;米奇幸得賢內助(米雪道格莉 飾)及老江湖助手雷爺(查理亨南 飾)識破各方奸計,但生意內外受敵,他們如何出奇招打大佬?!

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  • The Gentlemen (2020) 瘋狂紳士幫 (Region 3 DVD) (Chinese Subtitled)

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