The Monkey King 3 西遊記之女兒國 2D + 3D Blu-ray (2018) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

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The Monkey King 3 西遊記之女兒國 2D + 3D Blu-ray (2018) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

Region Coding: Region A (Locked)


Aaron Kwok 郭富城
William Feng Shao Feng 馮紹峰
Zanilia Zhao Li Ying 趙麗穎
Xiao Shen Yang 小沈陽
Him Law 羅仲謙
GiGi Leung 梁詠琪
Lin Chi Ling 林志玲
Cecilia So 蘇麗珊
Liu Tao 劉濤
Kingdom Yuen 苑瓊丹

Soi Cheang 鄭保瑞

Audio Tracks: 

Dolby Atmos, DTS

Cantonese 粵語, Mandarin 國語

English, Traditional Chinese 繁體中文字幕, Simplified Chinese 簡體中文字幕

Running Time: 
- minutes (TBA)

Panorama (HK)

Release Date:
18 May 2018

On the conflict-packed journey to the West for the scriptures, escorted by Sun Wukong (by Aaron Kwok), Bajie (by Xiao Shenyang) and Sha (by Him Law), Xuanzang (by Feng Shaofeng), the Tang Priest, accidentally enters the Womanland of Western Liang, a mysterious nation where no men has ever been existed. The Queen (by Zhao Liying) falls for Xuanzang at first sight, without knowing what love is, thinking she could be terminally ill with incurable lovesickness. The Preceptor (by Gigi Leung) warns her that men are all poisonous creatures and orders to kill Xuanzang and his disciples. With the help of the Queen, the four flee the execution site, but later Xuanzang, Bajie and Sha carelessly drink the water from the Motherhood River that makes them pregnant rapidly. Wukong tries to save the three with his almighty transforming sorcery, when Xuanzang gradually loses his stand to falls in love with the Queen. The trespass of the four outsiders also agitates the God of River Oblivion (by Lin Chi-Ling), who completely breaks the peace of the Womanland. The River God floods the whole nation in a fury and puts it at risk of total destruction. How could the Monkey King fight to subdue the River God and rescue his master and brothers out of trouble of love and destined calamity? What decision would Xuanzang make between loving an individual or all sentient beings? What could the Queen and the Preceptor do to save their people from this crisis?

孫悟空(郭富城 飾)、豬八戒(小沈陽 飾)和沙僧(羅仲謙 飾)一路打打鬧鬧保護師傅唐僧(馮紹峰 飾)去西天取經,不料偶然闖進了神秘的西梁女國 ── 一個從未有過男人的國家。女兒國國王(趙麗穎 飾)對唐僧一見鍾情,卻因不知情為何物自以為患上是絕症的「相思病」,國師(梁詠琪 飾)警告國王男人乃劇毒生物,並下令處死唐僧一行人。師徒四人在國王的協助下逃離法場 ,但唐僧、八戒和沙僧卻在打鬥中誤飲子母河水而意外懷孕。就在孫悟空施展72變解救師徒三人時,唐僧似也打爛齋砵對國王漸生情愫……師徒四人的闖進也引來了河神(林志玲 飾)現身,徹底打破了女兒國的平靜。河神的怒意淹沒了整個女兒國,西梁女國陷入了滅國危機!究竟在愛一個人和愛眾生之間,唐僧會如何抉擇?孫悟空如何力敵河神同時解救陷入情關劫難的師傅師弟? 國師國王面對滅國危難如何挽救國民?

This Blu-ray set contains both the 3D version and the 2D version. To play the 3D version, you need a 3D Blu-ray player and a 3D compatible display that supports 3D glasses (glasses are not included for this item).

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  • The Monkey King 3 西遊記之女兒國 2D + 3D Blu-ray (2018) (Region A) (English Subtitled)

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